How might we help tourists get around the city of Toronto confidently and quickly?

Git Goin’ was a quick exercise in human-centred design aimed at addressing this problem.

Using design thinking as a framework for creative solutions, I tackled areas in design—ranging from user research, prototyping, information architecture, and visual design—to create Git Goin’, a travel/transit app aimed at tourists in Toronto.


User Interview/Needs

Potential users indicated they’d require quick access to information they need (“I am here. I need to be here”), helpful recommendations based on their particular interests, and clearer directions (interviewees described Toronto as being a “sometimes unfriendly” city to navigate due to the peculiarities of our transit system). 

The comments led to a spare, simplified design focusing primarily on getting from point A to point B, an expanded on-boarding system, and microcopy bursting with personality. 

The city is friendly. The app should be, too.